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Pdf Blank Pages Cleaner

Blank page removal from PDF is easy and fast task with the help of AxpertSoft pdf blank page remover
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10 June 2014

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This tool removes blank pages from PDF documents.

Axpertsoft PDF Page Remover helps immensely when you have a lot of scanned PDF documents. The process tends to create quite a few blank pages, and it really helps if a tool can remove these blank pages easily. This automatic detection is based on a specified threshold. When a page has black pixels below this threshold, it is treated as a blank page. These pages are then marked for removal but only if the user desires it. Quite often pages have binding holes for ring binders or spiral binding. Even true blank pages will get marked as not blank in such a case. This tool allows margins to be specified when such artifacts would be ignored by the tool. Doing all this manually would be error prone and obviously tedious. This PDF Page Remover detects & deletes scanned PDF files one by one and creates a report of deleted page(s).

If you want to play it safe, the tool will create a backup of the pages for you. The interface is simple and should not pose a challenge to any users. It also offers a batch process mode when many documents could be processed together. Whole documents need not be processed always. If you need specific page range, they can be specified. You can define the page the custom part pages to be removed from a PDF file like 5, 7, 12-17, etc. This is a Windows compatible tool. It is handy product and is good.

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Blank page removal from PDF is easy and fast task with the help of AxpertSoft pdf blank page remover. Tool quickly detects blank pages inside pdf and removes them from pdf. It also facilitates to backup deleted pages in separate directory. Users are provided with the option to choose the path of output pdf and backup pages. Tool requires few easy steps to start the blank page removal process. Import the suspected pdf file to enlist in program panel. Click settings button to adjust various parameters like page margins from top, bottom, left and right. For the ease in selecting page margin, user can select the page workspace by dragging the mouse over it. This helps in isolating the back edges of scanned pdf page from consideration. Now start the process of page removal. It analyse all the pages and mark the page as bank if found to delete. Apart from these processing, tool also generates a report of complete process. Pdf blank page removal is advanced and powerful desktop utility. Program runs successfully on Windows platforms like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Free download evaluation version of pdf blank page removal tool to test the process & compatibility of program. Tool support all versions of pdf documents. It prompts for password input if document is secured with password security. Please make sure to register the application as trial version has limitation of watermarking.
Pdf Blank Pages Cleaner
Pdf Blank Pages Cleaner
Version 1.4.4
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